The BEST & WORST of Honeymooning in Europe

Honeymoon in Europe – 5 Things You Will Love & Hate about Honeymooning in Europe

If you are planning to head to Europe on your honeymoon, here are a few of the best and worst aspects of honeymooning in Europe.
1. The planning. So much planning is involved with the wedding that adding on more planning for a honeymoon makes it a headache.
2. The costs of having a honeymoon in Europe can deter a lot of people from this romantic adventure.
3. Balancing what everyone wants to do.
4. Normal travel problems happen, but they seem even worse when it is on your honeymoon.
5. The crack in the beds in Europe. They are total romance killers.

Loves of having a honeymoon in Europe.
1. You are in Europe! You get to see amazing sights and cities like Paris and Prague.
2. You truly get away from everyone and everything for your honeymoon. No running into family or friends, you are away exploring just the two of you.
3. You get to develop travel experiences together as a couple. You really do bond as a couple when you travel together.
4. The Romantic European experiences and opportunities. There is so much in Europe that can be romantic that no matter what you find romantic, they have it.
5. You get to start your smooch list with your spouse. A list of all the countries you two have smooched in.

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