This Is The Most Popular Christmas Candy In Every State

The holidays are here, and it’s time to celebrate with a sweet treat. Or several. According, 93% of people gift chocolate and candy for the winter holidays, and you’ll want to be sure you’re sharing everyone’s favorite sweets. 1.76 Billion candy canes are produced every year for the holiday season, but that’s far from America’s favorite candy, especially by state. From chocolate santas, to reindeer corn (that’s red, white and green candy corn, not leftover Halloween candy) to Reese’s and beyond, here’s the country’s favorite Christmas candy this year, by state. Over 16,000 candy lovers were interviewed, here are the results.

AK Chocolate Santas

AL Reindeer Corn

AR Starburst

AZ Hershey Kisses

CA Reese’s Cup Minis

CO Reese’s Cup Minis

CT Starburst

DC Snickers

DE Starburst

FL Snickers

GA Snickers

HI Starburst

IA M&M’s

ID M&M’s

IL Peppermint Bark

IN Reese’s Cup Minis

KS Peppermint Bark

KY M&M’s

LA Candy Canes

MA KitKat

MD Reese’s Cup Minis

ME Hershey Kisses

MI Peppermint Bark

MN Peppermint Bark

MO Hershey Kisses

MS Chocolate Santas

MT Reese’s Pieces

NC Starburst

ND Chocolate Santas

NE Peppermint Bark

NH M&M’s

NJ Skittles

NM Chocolate Santas

NV Starburst

NY Snickers

OH Chocolate Santas

OK KitKat

OR Candy Canes

PA Reese’s Cup Minis

RI Peppermint Bark

SC M&M’s

SD Hershey Kisses

TN Peppermint Bark

TX Reese’s Cup Minis

UT Hershey Kisses

VA M&M’s

VT Snickers

WA Reese’s Cup Minis

WI Starburst

WV Peppermint Bark

WY M&M’s

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