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The Best Trader Joes Holiday Finds

‘Tis the season to head over to your local Trader Joes and see all of the festive foodie-items they have in store for the holiday season! Peppermint galore, gingerbread flavored everything; it’s just what we like to see during the cold, winter months. If you are looking for a festive stocking stuffer or just some tasty snacks for the house, follow along to discover our favorite Trader Joes finds during the holidays.

P.S., If you find something you want to try, make sure you buy it right then and there or else you may miss out on it! (Common TJ’s issue) Also, prices may vary.

1. Cookie Mug Hangers

Price: $2.69

It’s time to crack out the hot chocolate during these cold (well, for LA it’s cold) winter months. What better way to enjoy your festive drink than by adding a spiced cookie to the rim of your mug, that fits perfectly. Top it all off with some whipped cream and crushed peppermint, and you have yourself aa winter wonderland in a cup!

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2. Holiday Flavored Cream Liqueur

Price: $7.99

They’re back! These festive cream liqueurs are something many people look forward to during the month of December! Trader Joe’s was ready for the crowd and made sure to stock up. With flavors like Egg Nog, Gingerbread, and Peppermint, there is a flavor for everyone. These liqueurs can be mixed with other ingredients to whip up a festive holiday sensation in a cup. Which one are you most excited for!?

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3. Candle Tin Trio

Price: $7.99

Ahhh, at last! The 3-pack of candles that we just can’t get enough of. With holiday scents like Cranberry Pine, Fresh Currant, and Nutmeg, these candles with fill your house with the smells of the holidays. If you’re someone who puts up a fake tree every year, but misses the classic Christmas Tree smell, light up your choice of candle and let the scents do the talking. Our personal favorite is Nutmeg, but we love these so much, we always stock up on a few for host gifts, stocking stuffers, or just to keep for ourselves!

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4. Mini Hold the Cone – Peppermint

Price: $3.79

Everybody stop what you’re doing and head to Trader Joe’s before these sell out. As soon as these make it to Trader Joe’s, we are sure to stock up on a few because these are surely a fav! Throughout the year, Trader Joes comes out with different flavors based on the seasons like Pumpkin, and now PEPPERMINT. If you are a big fan of peppermint during the winter months (like we are!), you will want to pick up a few boxes. They make for the perfect dessert to enjoy while watching your favorite holiday film.

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5. La Colombe Peppermint Mocha Latte

Price: $2.99

Coffee lovers, look no further! La Colombe has released a festive flavor, and it’s in stock at Trader Joes. If you enjoy the flavors of the holidays, but don’t want to spend $6 at a nearby coffee shop, pick up a Peppermint Mocha Latte to start your mornings off right during December.

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6. Candy Cane Joe Joe’s

It’s iconic, a true classic, and yes, another one of our holiday favorites. Candy Cane Joe Joe’s are a holiday-take on the classic Joe Joe’s that they offer year round. As opposed to the normal ones, these cookies are filled with cream and real peppermint pieces, that will have your heart after just one bite.

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7. Dark Chocolate Collection

Last but not least is this classic box of European Dark Chocolates, made with delicious and unique ingredients, which makes for a perfect after dinner treat (or before, we don’t judge!). This box is perfect to toss into a gift for the party host, give to a family member, or put in your kid’s stocking. With a variety of flavors like sea salt, orange, and coconut, there is sure to be a kind for everyone in the house to enjoy. Best part is, it comes in an adorable holiday bag, so you don’t even have to wrap it!

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Now what are you waiting for? Run to TJ’s! We hope you enjoy your festive goodies and have a fabulous holiday season. For more exciting things to enjoy this season, here are 12 activities to do in December in LA.

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