The Trendiest Fashion Guide To Coachella 2023

The whole point of going to Coachella are the outfits…am I right? At least, we like to think so. From Y2K, metallic, boho chic, desert fringe and more, the list of options never seem to end. But, we bet you’re wondering what really is trending for 2023? Get ready to fill your closet full of festival goodies, here are some ideas and predictions in our trendiest fashion guide to Coachella 2023. 

Elevated Basics

To the average person, Coachella outfits are as simple as a cute top and jean shorts. But, at The LA Girl, we always like things extra and elevated.  Thinking about buying a reliable jean short,  stop right there. Instead of a basic short, switch it up for  a jean mini skirt. Added up top, a jean corset and you will be on trend, because we predict denim on denim Is going to last all season long. As far as your basic crop top, elevate it with this cool criss-cross bandana top. And let’s say you do go for the standard black tank and jean shorts, here’s some help. Try this sheer black number , it will defintiely take things up a notch.

From Pool To Party

If you haven’t seen our article on Coachella Pool and After Parties by now, it’s the time to check it out. There is a slew of parties to show off your cool bikini tops that will take you from poolside to party side. Yup these pieces can easily transition to festival wear. We love a good crochet beach coverup, or maybe a vibrant bathing suit set with a body chain skirt. We know it’s going to be hot AF  in Coachella Valley, so we support any variation of a bathing suit coverup. Extra points for sets.

Minimalistic Queens

Coachella can be chaotic when it comes to fashion. You’ve got every color of the rainbow represented on the ground. So if you’re feeling a total less is more kinda vibe, it’s ok to skip out on the body glitter and chunky jewelry. Instead try a statement piece that leans toward the minimalist effect. Jean dresses are back and better than ever, offering a simple sleek look that can fit any vibe. Another option?  A faux leather jumpsuit or romper. Sets work too, plus you can mix and match them with other staples in your bag for the next day.

Budget Babes

Coachella racks up a good amount of money, we know this. A ticket to the music fest, plus a place to stay and on top of it all, outfits for 3 days? Girl please. But we found some options that are under $100 dollars a piece. Here’s a really good versatile top (lace one is cute too) that would go with any outfit. If you want to try the denim on denim trend on a dime, try this skirt that rocks the whole trend in one swoop. And this colorful dress is so luxe, no one will know how much you spent on it.

Taste The Rainbow

It’s Coachella. The one time a year you can wear fun and funky vibrant colors. It’s also helpful (and safe) to wear something in rainbow too because your friends will find you faster if you get lost.  Stand out in this gorgeous long sleeve dress or even a strapless one. Looking for something a bit more casual? Go for a vibrant crochet set, or our favorite corsetmatching skirt that is bound to look good on anyone. We even found a vibrant sarongmatching top to beat the heat and send hearts racing. What more could a girl ask for?

LA Cowgirl

Anytime is a good time for a western theme takeover, and there is no where better to wear these trends than at Coachella. You can finally take out those cowboy boots you impulsively bought for this moment alone. Add a matching hat to complete your fit too. Our favorite trend is this fringe set which screams chic cowgirl. And don’t be surprised to see a new wave of hats accessorized with pearls  or denim vests doubling as corsets. To round out the #OOTD, spulrge on some denim boots. Can’t talk right now, I’m busy feelin’ cute with my cowgirl outfit.

Glitz and Glamour

The rumor is true, Coachella is the festival where you can cover yourself in body glitter. Metallic moments are all the rage for festival wear, from rhinestone tops to cutout tops with a touch of bling , to matching rhinestone pants. Take things to the next level by swapping out the metallic for feathers with this top, or accesorize with rhinestone accessories to make an outfit feel glam. Don’t even get us started on a to die for metallic corset. We love that too.

Boho Chic

Back in the day when Coachella first began, the boho chic trend was the only way to dress at Coachella. Who’s stopping you from going back to its roots? Not us. But let’s make it 2023 and maybe not so much Free People (even though we love Free People) with a structured skirt set. If the skirt isn’t your vibe, shop for a matching halter and pants set. We also love to mix and match pieces with a flowy tank or make things very simple with a statement maxi.

Last But Not Least…Accessories

We all agree that any route you go for when it comes to building the perfect Festival outfit,  accessories will make it. An outfit can really go from a 6 to a 10 just with accessories. But you’ve got to do it right. Shop for fun sunglasses and by fun we mean colorful, flashy, big…you get the picture. Hats are a MUST. Cowboy hats will be front and center, but stand out with a clean pop of color. Don’t even get us started on jewelry. Colorful drop-down earrings are statement pieces, but If you’d rather have your neck do all the talking, go for this choker.

Finally, purses. We get it, a fanny pack or backpack will be your best option throughout the whole festival and we support that, but when it comes to pool parties and after parties its time to take out that colorful fun clutch or shoulder bag to breathe some “fabulosity” into an outfit.

Now that you’ve packed your outfit find everything else you need by following our Ultimate Coachella Packing List. See you in the desert!

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