Salt & Straw Opens Their Vault Of Classic Flavors

Nostalgic for a bygone ice cream flavor? Beloved gourmet ice cream parlor Salt & Straw is reprising some of its fan favorites this month, opening a vault of past flavors to scoop up for fans.

The vault series features a selection of five popular flavors from co-founder and ice cream innovator Tyler Malek. Each ice cream represent a key moments and milestones in Salt & Straw’s journey — the brand is celebrating its 12th birthday on April 22nd. Since launching, Malek has created more than 1,200 recipes. That’s a lot of scoops.

“Over the past 12 years, we’ve created over 1200 recipes and the Vault Series is our opportunity to bring back some of the most iconic flavors ever, including some of my personal favorites,” said Malek. “Crafting this menu is so nostalgic for me as I look back on the ice creams that marked key milestones in our journey and makes me even more inspired and excited for what lies ahead.”

The new series will be available in scoop shops and for nationwide shipping by the pint. Flavors include Black Olive Brittle & Goat Cheese, the first flavor Salt & Straw debuted in Los Angeles in 2011. Shards of sweet-and-salty butter brittle made from cured black olives are mixed into a creamy cave-aged goat cheese ice cream created in partnership with California’s Cypress Grove Creamery.

First on the menu in 2012, Honey Marshmallow Rocky Road reimagines a classic and pays homage to the Pacific Northwest thanks to fresh honey from Jacobsen, cooked down and whipped into gobs of pillowy marshmallow, folded into chocolate ice cream spiced with cinnamon and ancho chili. Candied hazelnuts are studded throughout to add a playful crunch.

Those who want some veggies in their ice cream (it’s corn!), can get into the Sweet Corn and Waffle Cones — Originally created in collaboration with chef April Bloomfield. This flavor features fresh golden corn, torched until charred, then tossed into a corn flavored ice cream wrapped in ribbons of brown butter caramel. Bite-sized bits of chocolate-covered waffle cone add a sweet crunch.

The Strawberry Cilantro Lime Cheesecake originally appeared on Salt & Straw’s first ever summer berries series, the flavor features toasty graham cracker crust that is folded into a delicate strawberry ice cream, then adorned with a ribbon of cilantro lime cheesecake for a zesty finish.

And vegans don’t have to miss out! The return of the Mango Habanero IPA Sorbet features Laces IPA from Wynwood Brewing spun until frozen and spiced with fresh habanero, as well as mangoes and citrus. The combination results in a clean sorbet to quench your thirst (like a cold beer) and awaken the senses with a fiery kick, followed by a juicy, hop-heavy flavor.

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